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Sweet addition

June 11, 2008

The ever-expanding menu at “The Cabin” has outdone itself again.

The newest entree in the concession stand at the Jefferson Softball Complex: Caramel apples. Either red or green. Your choice.



Thawing of a softball cold war

June 11, 2008

They don’t hate each other at Clear Creek Amana and Solon any more.

The two Eastern Iowa Hawkeye Conference softball superpowers, which had held a high degree of contempt toward each other for, say, the last five years, having become quite friendly toward each other.

“It’s totally different now,” said CCA Coach Jim White, whose wife Erin is in her second year at Solon. “There was such a strong dislike. Now they’re best buddies.”

Erin’s appointment at Solon certainly was a factor. One of the first things the Whites promoted was a combined Solon-CCA ASA team.

The two teams flung toilet paper on the White house — together — the night before Solon played CCA (the Clippers won, 3-0). Now that’s camaraderie.