Week 1: Which way do we go?

So I’m sitting here, half-bored and all-hot during consolation play at the state softball tournament. The mind drifts to Week 1 of the football season, 44 days away.

It’s an unspoken tradition that we cover Mount Vernon and Solon in the opener (they meet in Mount Vernon this year). Is that the best call again? Thoughts?

Here are options:

Anamosa at Monticello

Beckman at Western Dubuque

Benton Community at Center Point-Urbana

West Branch at Tipton

Williamsburg at Mid-Prairie


2 Responses to “Week 1: Which way do we go?”

  1. kjpilcher Says:

    Solon and Mount Vernon is one of the better rivalries around. Not matter who and what each program is returning, you know it’s likely going to be a highly competitive game decided by less than a touchdown.

  2. Ronald Oliver Says:

    Benton/CPU should at least be mentioned with the debut of CPUs new head football coach, Dan Burke, who follows long time head coach Rogers.

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