#1 in 1A? I can’t believe it…

We’re talking about the Emmetsburg football program here.

I saw the Associated Press rankings today, and noticed the E-Hawks vaulted to No. 1 in the 1A poll.

I was shocked. Not that they were No. 1. That they had dropped all the way to 1A this year.

Where have all the people gone?

And while were talking classifications here, let’s get one thing straight. There are too many classes. In all sports.

Six football classes in a state with less than 400 schools? Ludicrous.


3 Responses to “#1 in 1A? I can’t believe it…”

  1. Greg Says:

    Totally agree Jeff. And on top, they increased the playoff spots. A team under .500 should not be in the playoffs. Unless I am wrong, the number of schools in the state should be decreasing because of consolidation. Four classes is enough.

  2. jtlinder Says:


    One of the last things Troy Dannen said when he was at the Union was that he believed we would have 50 fewer high schools in Iowa within 15 years.

    If I was in charge I would have three classes for all major sports except football. 3A would be top 48, 2A would be the next 96, 1A would be the rest.

    For football, I would have three classes (same as above) for 11-man football, plus one class of 8-man. Sixteen playoff qualifiers in 3A and 8-man, 32 in 2A & 1A.

  3. Greg Says:

    And we should copy/paste that and send it off because that is exactly what I would recommend as well.

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