No bad sports here …

E-mailed to media outlets from IHSAA information director Bud Legg. It’s worth a read:

   You all may have heard the sportsmanship announcement that is read at the start of high school events. Often it is appreciated.  And for the last quarter of a century the Iowa High School Athletic Association has sharpened its focus on this one trait that makes educational athletics truly special in Iowa.
     By all reports sportsmanship has gotten better among the athletes and coaches.  Spectators perhaps have lagged behind, but every so often an event happens that tugs at your heart to be told and causes even the most blustery fan to cease yelling and to reflect that there is a higher purpose to interscholastic competition. And such events have a positive effect on spectator sportsmanship.
     Such an event occurred in the PCM, Monroe vs. Albia junior varsity game Monday, September 8 at Monroe.
     Late in the game, PCM was winning handily. Coaches from both schools had made sure all of their players had participated.  With 90 seconds remaining a PCM ball carrier sustained a serious leg injury. An ambulance was called and it took several minutes to stabilize the young man and to transport him.
     In the interim, the Albia coaches talked with the PCM coaches and offered to terminate the game, but some PCM players disagreed.
     They told the coaches from both schools they wanted Albia player Kile Weiss, a sophomore student with special needs, to have a chance to score. PCM quarterback Brandon Kain visited with the Albia coaches and officials. Then with time running down, he fumbled in Kile’s direction.
     Players, coaches and fans on both sides cheered as Kile scooped up the ball and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. It was a special moment to treasure for players, coaches and fans.
     Albia has started a tradition this fall under new but veteran coach Jerry Staton to give the opposing team a sportsmanship cheer following each game.  This time it was more special and as they ended, the PCM players in unison shouted “Thanks!”
     There is more to educational athletics than winning and this situation was initiated by some solid good young men who understand that. And it reinforces the fact that when it comes to doing the right thing that “the kids get it,” and moreover by their deed they can sell it.
     From the coaches, administrators and officials who shared the story with us, they each added that there weren’t many dry eyes after the game.  The adults “got it” also.


One Response to “No bad sports here …”

  1. Greg Says:

    A great story and a must read for all Eastern Iowa fans.

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