No thanks to round-robin plus one

Mount Vernon and Iowa City West could have played an extra match for the championship of the Cougar Invitational volleyball tournament Saturday.

They declined.

Citing fatigue (and quite possibly, common sense), West Coach Kathy Bresnahan and Mount Vernon Coach Shirley Ryan agreed before the day that if their teams were first and second through pool play, they would let those results stand instead of playing an add-on match at the end of the day.

West has played 21 matches in 18 days. Mount Vernon has played 18 (and won them all). West, which lost to Mount Vernon in pool play, would have stood to gain by playing the match in a winner-take-all format. But Bresnahan stood by her previous agreement. Good for her.

Mount Vernon went 4-0 Saturday. The Mustangs beat everybody else in the field. Why should they have had to have played again?

Michelle Goodall, coach at host Kennedy, asked, “Are you going to call it a double forfeit? You should.”

No thanks. Kennedy AD Aaron Stecker knew about the agreement shortly after it was made, and was fine with it. The fact that the Cougar Invitational also has sophomore matches — the tournament began at 9 a.m., ended at 6 p.m. — makes it a long enough day anyway.


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