Oh, those Cubs …

We interrupt the high-school tone of this blog for a breaking announcement:

The Cubs are toast.

E-4. E-3. E-5. E-6. And the scorekeeper was mighty generous on the grounder that Theriot tried to barehand.

The misery.

So it’s win three in a row (two in L.A.), or it’s wait ’til next year again.

I stayed up through the brutal end (could I have lived with myself had they scored 10 in the bottom of the ninth …. well, yeah).

So I got to way too many Cialis and Viagra ads (I hate those old guys, and what are they doing in those bathtubs outdoors??). Far, far too many promos for “Frank TV.” (Funny, why isn’t HE in those Cialis ads?)

And a little tired about hearing about Manny being Manny and hearing Dick Stockton talking about “erras.” They’re errors.

OK. Back to preps. Just had to vent.


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