Oh, the drama

This is why games get called off.

I was driving to work today, and radio meteorologist talked about the “whopper of a snowfall” we received yesterday.

That whopper was less than four inches. When I was growing up, that was simply a snowfall. Now it’s a winter storm.

We’re expecting more ice or snow (“a wintry mix”) Thursday and Friday. I’m sure it will cost us more games. Rightfully so, maybe.

The weather creature went on to tell us, “Brace yourselves, because THE MOTHER OF ALL SNOW SYSTEMS IS ON ITS WAY.”



3 Responses to “Oh, the drama”

  1. Greg Says:

    I know you enjoy the winter sports Jeff so this weather stuff must stink. I will add that I am already looking forward to golfing weather.

  2. KB Says:

    I’m a colleague to the north and I must say I COMPLETELY agree with you. I honestly believe the TV news guys deliberately overhype their weather predictions (particularly the guys at the Eastern Iowa station to the north of CR) simply to A.) get viewers and B.) to rationalize making weather the lead of their newscast and then roughly 50% of their newscast.

    Shouldn’t local TV news feel — as a supposedly legitimate media outlet — SOME obligation to be accurate — and also to apologize when they’re completely wrong in their weather predictions? People plan their day around their predictions and it seems they’re wrong WAY more often than right. ….

  3. kjpilcher Says:

    When I was in school (I sound like one Dana Carvey’s grumpy old character in SNL), I can remember one, there may have been another, meet being postponed due to winter weather. A dual against Dubuqe Hempstead was postponed right around noon when an ice storm made travel way too dangerous for them to make it to C.R. Some already have more than that this season and we’re not to Christmas.

    Either our parents/teachers/administrators hated us or overreacting is the norm these days. I know everyone’s looking out for the safety of high schoolers, but it seems like it’s being taken to the extreme.

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