Whose state? Drake’s state.

Still. Again.

That’s three straight wins over Iowa. That’s 10 in a row against in-state competition.

Sooner or later, people are going to stop saying it’s a fluke.

I remember the first and only time I went to a Drake-Iowa game. It was six years ago, at the Knapp Center. Sitting in the upper reaches of the arena, I was surrounded by Iowa fans. It was a miserable experience, and not just because the Hawks prevailed by a point. My son, then 4, got to see his father spat upon by a vulgar woman wearing black and gold.

Today, lady, the spit’s on you.


2 Responses to “60-43”

  1. Corbyman Says:

    Linder: Did you forget the Drake-Iowa basketball game WE went to in Vets Auditorium in 1986? I think Drake led like 15-3, but lost to the mighty Hawkeyes!

    Congrats to the Bulldogs for their recent success, but we all know who this state traditionally roots for (and rightfully so)! Go HAWKS!

  2. jtlinder Says:

    Yes, I need to clarify. It was the first Drake-Iowa game at the Knapp Center.

    I was at Vets in 1986, when Drake jumped out in front 15-2, then succumbed to a superior Iowa team 69-62. That was the Armstrong-Marble-Horton team that lost to Vegas in the regional finals. That was my freshman year. If I remember correctly, Jeff Moe gave us in the student section the finger.

    I was at Vets in 1988, when Iowa clobbed the Bulldogs by about 30.

    I was at Vets in 1990, my first year out of college. I sat in the second row from the top. Iowa won by plenty.

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