Friday night thoughts …

I’m watching the traffic fly by on Blairs Ferry Road and trying to fathom why a couple of games (Highland for one) have been called off for today.

A few random thoughts:

Either Ballard is really good (it is), or Cedar Rapids Washington forgot to show up for its game last night. I’d seen the Warriors twice this season and came away extremely impressed. But the 77-38 loss to Ballard was a supreme clunker. The result is reminiscent of a 72-40 drubbing against Sioux City North a couple years back. That Washington team recovered and reached the state tournament.

Speaking of Washington-Ballard, how is it that the Warriors made it to Huxley, yet Springville and Alburnett couldn’t get together?

Everybody talks about keys to the game … “We’ve got to rebound” … “We’ve got to take care of the ball” … Those are keys, yes. But the biggest key is shooting the ball. You can do everything else right, but if you don’t shoot, you’re going to lose. Cedar Rapids Xavier played a solid enough floor game, but shot 3-for-20 from 3-point range and lost to Cedar Rapids Kennedy, 52-44.

The win put Kennedy back into the MVC Mississippi Division race, a half-game behind Xavier, Dubuque Wahlert and tonight’s Iowa City High-Iowa City West winner.

Linn-Mar continues to pummel its MVC competition. Cedar Rapids Prairie was the latest victim, 72-31. It was 39-11 at the half.

Waterloo East is the anti-Linn-Mar. They’ve dropped their four league games, with none closer than 30. The Trojans made a move up the standings a couple years back behind a strong inside game, but the slide downward has been even faster.

We called last night “Hyphen-Free Friday” in the sports department. We did the grammatically correct thing and expunged the hideous hyphen from North Linn. Here’s hoping nobody from Walker, Coggon or Troy Mills raises a fuss.

If the weather’s good, I’m headed to Iowa City for the City-West grudge match. I’d rather be home, watching Drake beat Iowa for the third straight year. Then again, it’s on ESPNU, so I’m out of luck anyway.

The Super Ten won’t come out again until Jan. 9 or so. But here’s where they stand, unofficially, after last night’s games:

1. Linn-Mar (8-0), 2. MFL MarMac (6-0), 3. Marion (5-0), 4. Springville (4-0), 5. Cedar Rapids Washington (5-1), 6. Tipton (6-0), 7. Iowa City High (5-1), 8. Waukon (6-0), 9. Cedar Rapids Kennedy (4-2), 10. Cedar Rapids Xavier (5-2).


4 Responses to “Friday night thoughts …”

  1. Deb Says:

    Don’t quote me on this, but I believe that we have some kind of unwritten (or maybe written) rule that says if we cancel school, we cannot then go ahead with extracurriculars….or ither school related activities…I think that is why there was no ball game between Alburnett and Springville.

  2. jtlinder Says:

    I think a lot of schools have that policy, and for the most part I’m fine with it. On the other hand, the weather and the road conditions were a lot different at 8 a.m. than 5 p.m. I think a lot of people were too eager to pull the plug yesterday.

  3. jtlinder Says:

    Springville went to Alburnett today, right?

  4. Deb Says:

    Yes, and the girls remain undefeated

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