Super Ten, through Jan. 6

Can you believe it? We had a Tuesday night with ZERO games postponed.

1. LINN-MAR (9-0)

Last Week: 1st. Offensive average: 72.2. Defensive average: 35.2. Streak: Won 9. The week ahead: Hosts Cedar Rapids Xavier on Friday, at Waterloo East on Tuesday.

2. MFL MAR MAC (9-0)

Last Week: 2nd. Offensive average: 62.3. Defensive average: 32.6. Streak: Won 9. The week ahead:  At Turkey Valley on Thursday, hosts West Central on Friday, at Decorah on Saturday, hosts South Winneshiek on Tuesday.

3. MARION (7-0)

Last Week: 3rd. Offensive average: 54.3. Defensive average: 37.6. Streak: Won 7. The week ahead: At Clear Creek Amana on Friday, at Dubuque Wahlert on Saturday, at Waterloo Columbus on Tuesday.


Last Week: 4th. Offensive average: 54.3. Defensive average: 29.1. Streak: Won 21. The week ahead: Hosts Starmont on Friday, at Monticello on Tuesday.

5. WAUKON (10-0)

Last week: 8th. Offensive average: 63.8. Defensive average: 40.7. Streak: Won 10. The week ahead: Hosts Crestwood on Friday, hosts North Fayette on Monday.

6. TIPTON (8-0)

Last Week: 6th. Offensive average: 68.5. Defensive average: 38.3. Streak: Won 8. The week ahead: At Durant on Friday, hosts Washington (Iowa) on Saturday, hosts North Cedar on Tuesday.


Last Week: 9th. Offensive average: 50.6. Defensive average: 47.5. Streak: Won 4. The week ahead: At Cedar Rapids Jefferson on Friday, hosts Iowa City West on Tuesday.


Last Week: 10th. Offensive average: 53.9. Defensive average: 42.0. Streak: Won 1. The week ahead: At Linn-Mar on Friday, hosts Dubuque Wahlert on Tuesday.


Last Week: 7th. Offensive average: 55.1. Defensive average: 44.7. Streak: Won 1. The week ahead: At Cedar Rapids Washington on Friday, hosts Dubuque Senior on Tuesday.

10. IOWA CITY WEST (6-2)

Last Week: Not rated. Offensive average: 54.1. Defensive average: 48.0. Streak: Won 2. The week ahead: Hosts Cedar Rapids Prairie on Friday, at Waterloo East on Saturday, at Cedar Rapids Kennedy on Tuesday.

Dropped out: Cedar Rapids Washington (5).

Class-by-class top fives:

4A: 1. Linn-Mar (9-0), 2. Cedar Rapids Kennedy (6-2), 3. Cedar Rapids Xavier (6-2), 4. Iowa City High (7-2), 5. Iowa City West (6-2).

3A: 1. Marion (7-0), 2. Waukon (10-0), 3. Mount Vernon (7-1), 4. Anamosa (7-2), 5. Vinton-Shellsburg (5-2).

2A: 1. MFL MarMac (9-0), 2. Tipton (8-0), 3. Sigourney (8-0), 4. Turkey Valley (7-1), 5. Jesup (5-1).

1A: 1. Springville (8-0), 2. Valley Community (6-1), 3. Midland (5-2), 4. Highland (5-2), 5. Keota (6-3).


14 Responses to “Super Ten, through Jan. 6”

  1. Deb Says:

    Have you seen MFL MarMac (or Springville) play? I’m really wondering what kind of Match-up the Rivalry Saturday game will be….I’m inclined to think that the Orioles are going to have to really step up their game fot that match-up….

  2. jtlinder Says:

    I think it’s going to be a terrific game … they made it the 8:00 game for a reason (which is going to be a deadline killer for me, by the way).

    I would expect a very good defensive game. I’d be surprised if either team made it to 50 points (it might be played in the 30s or low 40s).

    MFL MarMac is extremely balanced, and might have the edge with its bench. Plus, the Bulldogs have “played up” schedule-wise, with wins over Cedar Rapids Jefferson and Crestwood. They also play Waukon and Decorah this season.

    Springville has an advantage inside and probably will have more fan support (just based on geography), plus it has played at the USCC before. I think coaching will be a push; both teams are well-coached.

    Regardless of outcome, it will be a big help to both teams as they prepare for regionals and (probably) state.

  3. Mark Says:

    what do you think of the rest of the games. How will the others match up at rivialry saturday?

  4. jtlinder Says:

    Other than the fact that attendance at Rivalry Saturday is usually a huge disappointment, this is generally one of the more enjoyable events of anything I cover.

    Springville-MFL MarMac is a premier matchup, obviously. So is Linn-Mar and Ballard, the 2:45 game. Some might argue that those are the best two teams in the state, and we know what Ballard did to Cedar Rapids Washington just before break.

    Cedar Rapids Kennedy and Davenport Assumption is particularly intriguing, as well. Kennedy’s on a bit of a roll now that Jade Rogers is back, and Assumption has reloaded extremely well.

    The first two games will have title ramifications on both sides of the Wamac. The other game — Maquoketa Valley and North Linn — will be competitive. There really isn’t a game I don’t care to watch.

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  6. Terry Says:

    Springville plays up in half of their conference games. Also they will be playing Kennedy a week after the uscc games. Hopefully the games will live up to the hype. Like you said there wont be a bad one to watch all day.

  7. Mike Says:

    This year, although they may be “playing up” in the technical sense, (playing up a class) Springville clearly hasn’t faced a single opponent (in or out of the conference) who can match their playing ability, and they have looked to be playing only at the level needed to defeat their opponent, and not showing much more.
    It will be very interesting to see what they can do against a team that can match them.

    I would agree that Linn Mar and Ballard are the best teams in the state. That should be a heck of a game.

  8. Sydney Says:

    All the games look great! They did a great job at the match-ups. The marion vs. vinton-shellsburg game should be a great game. Vinton had a shot to win the game the other night losing by just 3 vs. marion. Both teams are very evenly matched and should be a great game at the cell center!!

  9. jtlinder Says:

    Here are the matchups, with current records:

    11:15 — Mount Vernon (7-1) vs. DeWitt Central (6-2)

    1:00 — Vinton-Shellsburg (5-2) vs. Marion (7-0)

    2:45 — Ballard (8-0) vs. Linn-Mar (9-0)

    4:30 — Cedar Rapids Kennedy (6-2) vs. Davenport Assumption (6-1)

    6:15 — Maquoketa Valley (7-2) vs. North Linn (7-3)

    8:00 — Springville (8-0) vs. MFL MarMac (9-0)

    That’s a combined record of 85-13, a combined winning percentage of .867 … not too shabby, huh??

  10. Deb Says:

    A little off topic, but can you explain the who/how of the “Area Leaders” articles that appear once a weekish in the Gazette? They don’t seem to be very accurate…One glance at the now “required” quik stats shows that….take today…not a Springville player mentioned on the girls side, yet Callie Kloubec has more rebounds than at least 5 of the players listed. Likewise Carly Martin has more steals and assistes than all but the top two listed…
    I noticed that all during Track season the girls stats were consistantly off as well.
    Where does the Gazette data come from?

  11. jtlinder Says:

    The Gazette data comes directly from coaches. Our part-timers compile the info they receive. When we’re behind, it’s because we’re behind on receiving from the coaches.

    Coaches are now required to log info at (if you’re familiar with that) on a game-by-game basis. So I think our stats take a back seat from a lot of coaches. Most only report to us once a week, if that regularly.

  12. Terry Says:

    I guess if you call winning by 25 a game just well enough to win you’re probably right. Brian is playing many more subs this year than he has in the past. Most nites the starters are lucky to see little more than half the game, if they do its usually not together. As for not showing much more, a good coach never shows anymore than he has to. One thing coach Odonnel has consistently done is have his teams peak at the end of the season. I guess we’ll wait and see.

  13. Deb Says:

    I could be wrong but I don’t think that was meant as a slam or anything….I think he just meant that the team really hasn’t palyed any “wow” factor games because they haven’t faced anyone who could offer enough of a challenge.
    I would say that is absolutely true, and the comment about the subs getting more playing time is a testament to that very fact. In the last couple games where the Orioles were supposed to be up against teams (Cascade, Monticello) that might challenge us for the conference title Eiben was in a scoring slump and they still won pretty handily.

    I would agree that it will be interesting (and hopefully fun) to see them play against a team that offers some competition.

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