Arguments for a rebirth of 6-on-6

It’s been 16 years since the last lob pass from the guard court to the forward court. Most of the current girls’ basketball players were either in diapers or non-existent when the last six-on-six game was played.


From time to time, I hear cries for a return to the old game. Mostly they’re from older people that can’t stand to sit through a five-on-five game that ends up 31-26. I can’t completely blame them.


I’m spoiled. I get to see excellent five-on-five games on a regular basis in the Metro, and the games I see out of town feature high-quality teams, so I don’t advocate a change back. 


Kevin White is an extremely talented preps writer for the Omaha World-Herald and makes a reasonable argument about a return. Here’s a link to his column:


6 Responses to “Arguments for a rebirth of 6-on-6”

  1. DebV Says:

    It will never happen. Even if there are reasoned arguments for trying it, Every town and village has youth league, with girls playing five on five.
    These days everyone has stars in their eyes about being on a court in college, and they all want to play like the big kids.
    These kids would look at you like you were from mars if you suggested 6 on 6 half court to them.
    Maybe they just out to have a happy mix and play 6 on 6 full court…
    The game of 6 on 6 was not different, but not easier…it had it’s own challenges, and a special set of skills. However, ultimately, it was the same thing for the players…if you were tall, you had the advantage for playing time, if you were short, it was assumed you wouldn’t be as good as the tall girls. I don’t think low scoring games are necessarily the result of anything more than the switch from emphasis on shooting skills to emphasis on defensive skills.
    There used to be a lot of rote practicing of shooting skills with forwards,..hours and hours of free throws, corner shots, layups, jump shots, …. no more……not so much anymore… now it’s just everyone practice everything as best you can…and that shows on the court.

  2. vsgirlsbasketball Says:

    6 on 6 is boring basketball that is not getting the girls ready for the college level. Bad idea, bad article

  3. jtlinder Says:

    Kevin’s dad was an extremely successful 6-on-6 coach in Western Iowa. My father coached both games before he retired in 1995.

    They’ll never bring back the game. Nor, in my opinion, should they. It’s outdated, a dinosaur. But I don’t think you can say it was boring.

  4. DebV Says:

    Not boring at all…and some of the best players in the state’s history played 6 on 6. Debbie Coates, Lynne Lorenzen, Mary Becker, Deb Young…seriously good players.

  5. jtlinder Says:

    I saw Lorenzen play at the Ventura gym in 1987 (she was a senior; I was a college freshman). She lit up Klemme High for 70-some points. I played pickup ball at Drake with Jan Jensen — she certainly made a nice transition from 6-player to 5-player. But there’s no doubt that today’s players are better equipped to move on (if that’s the goal).

  6. Arguments for a rebirth of 6-on-6 | Says:

    […] Read full article […]

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