No WMT at girls’ tournament

There will be a big media hole at the girls’ state basketball tournament next week.

WMT-AM apparently will not be doing radio play-by-play.

That’s not good news for folks from places like Springville, Tipton and Cascade, who would be listening to their teams play at 600. KGYM (1600) will cover the Metro schools.

I will be conducting a live chat from Wells Fargo Arena at 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please feel welcome to follow along.


4 Responses to “No WMT at girls’ tournament”

  1. No WMT at girls’ tournament | Says:

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  2. ikn Says:

    They are taking the State Network feed. But due to conflicts they will be spreading some of the games around to their different stations.

  3. Josh Says:

    Any reason given as to why WMT all the sudden isn’t covering the games this year? As you stated, they’ve been a staple in terms of media coverage, so why all the sudden this year would they not cover it? To your knowledge, was this the station’s choice, or were they told not to cover it. Keep up the great work Jeff!

  4. Gina Says:

    Answer for Josh: I was told this was the station’s choice. I have been lucky to broadcast many games on WMT with Ryan Schlader over the years from the state tournament. We are both very sad that we will not be there this year. Broadcasting the teams from Springville, Tipton and Cascade (this year), Monticello, English Valleys, (in past years) is always fun and well received by the towns. I am not a employee of the station, but based on what I have seen, getting advertisers for these games was never a problem. Thanks for bringing this to light Linder. I, for one, will really miss the coverage and will really miss being at the tournament. Grab me a program, will ya?

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