Linn-Mar rules Hutcheson ineligible

By Jeff Linder

The Gazette

MARION — The Linn-Mar Lions won’t be playing with a full deck Wednesday.

In a statement released last night, the school confirmed that forward Nate Hutcheson has been ruled ineligible for the boys’ state basketball tournament in the wake of arrests at a party at his house Saturday night.

“I was wrong to open my house to others in the absence of adult supervision and (am) completely at fault for not immediately removing alcohol brought by others,” Hutcheson said in the statement. “I sincerely apologize to my team and community for the harm and negative attention brought by my actions.”

According to Marion police lieutenant Steve Etzel, police were called to 4075 Willowbrook Dr. at 10:58 Saturday night on a report of underage drinking and fighting. About 11 people were at the residence when police arrived.

Hutcheson, an 18-year-old senior, was arrested for keeping a disorderly house, a simple misdemeanor. He was cited and released at the scene.

Two others at the scene, both 18, were charged with possession of alcohol under the legal age. Neither of those two were listed on a recent varsity basketball roster.

A 6-foot-7 forward who has signed a national letter of intent to play at Western Michigan University, Hutcheson is second on the team in scoring at 16.4 points per game. He’s averaging 5.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.2 steals per contest.

Linn-Mar (21-2) plays Cedar Falls (16-8) in a 4A state quarterfinal at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday.

According to the school’s news release, Hutcheson was ruled ineligible for the rest of the season after administrators determined he’d violated the Linn-Mar good-conduct policy on extra-curricular activities.

“This has been a difficult time for every involved, especially for our team, for our coaches, and for Nate and his family,” said Linn-Mar High School Principal Jeff Gustason in the news release. “I would hope our community would support Nate and his family as they continue to work through this tough time.”

Attempts throughout the day to contact Linn-Mar Coach Chris Robertson were unsuccessful. Gustason said the release would stand as the only comments from the Linn-Mar community.

The following is an excerpt from Linn-Mar’s good-conduct code:

Extra -Curricular Conduct – Policy Code 502.6-R

A student who participates in extra-curricular activities involving public performance is prohibited from possessing, using, transporting, controlling, or transmitting tobacco, alcohol or other drugs at any time (year round) during his/her middle or high school career.  The administration will suspend a student from participation in extra-curricular activities if the administration finds, by substantial evidence, that this policy has been violated.  Such a finding may be based on reports by school personnel at any activities outside of school as well as at school or at a school event (either home or away).  Suspensions may also result from either legal determinations or by self-admittance.  Investigation of possible infraction will involve parent notification.  If a student is in violation of this policy and is not currently involved in an activity, the suspension will apply to the student’s future participation in activities which the student was involved in the previous year which were completed in “good standing.”


During Middle or High School Career

First Offense

Tobacco,  Alcohol and Other Drugs – Suspended from at least 20% of public performances, with carryover to next activity.  Counseling required prior to reinstatement (suspended from at least 33% of performances if no progression in counseling).  Must continue to practice.


24 Responses to “Linn-Mar rules Hutcheson ineligible”

  1. No comment at Linn-Mar, yet | Says:

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  2. Dana Says:

    If there were any other basketball players at the party, they should all be suspended. If it were a CR school with their no tolerance policy, any athlete at a party where there is alcohol faces suspension from athletics. Linn Mar boys are no better the the kids in CR and should not be allowed to play in the tournament if they put themselves in a situation where there was drinking. They all made a concious choice to be at that party, they should all suffer the consiquences.

    If Hutch, and any other basketball player involved, are not suspended and they go onto win the State Tournament, it should have an * next to it just like any other sport where the win is suspect.

  3. Solon Says:

    I think that Linn Mar should hang their heads that they would even allow those kids there to be allowed to play in the State tourney. What a great message they are sending to all the other kids in their school- winning is priority. Sad -Sad message. What a disgrace to their school
    administrators as well.

    I have seen Linn Mar teams play many times in the past and it is all about the “WIN”- no matter what grade. I have seen kids screemed at for losing a game in Summer leagues where it is suppose to be about getting better. Glad my kids do not go there.

  4. John Says:

    This is a rotten situation for the kid, the school and especially the team to be in. That being said, I don’t see how the school has a choice in this. They have to be stern in their response and not allow Hutcheson or any other players who were at the party to play. This is one of those “teaching situations” where the school shows its’ priorities and proves that no one is above the rules. I feel sorry for the team at losing one of their best players and it will be very hard on Hutcheson. But we all have to learn the biggest lessons the hard way and it looks like it’s his turn.

  5. LM release expected by 5 p.m. | Says:

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  6. Solon? Says:

    solon note that there was just one player involved in this. also that i do recall that Solon had something like this happen earlier this year and i do believe the players were drinking and they got only 2 games? hmmm interesting

  7. pud'nhead Says:

    According to Linn-Mar’s school district parental consent form for extracurricular activities, a “good conduct” policy is in effect at the school.
    First offense is a 20 percent suspension.

  8. Cedar Rapids Says:

    I just read and reviewed the Linn-Mar school policy and it is possesion, control, transportation or transmission of alcohol or other drugs, oviously he had control over it so that means he broke the Conduct policy so according also to their policy he must be suspended 20% of the season, that means that he must sit out the entire state tournament, enough said, he should be suspended and if he isnt, there is something seriously wrong, linn-mar gets away with too much, if they get away with this, its not fair.

  9. No word yet from Linn-Mar on Hutcheson status | Says:

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  10. pud'nhead Says:

    Why is there a delay? The district’s policy is pretty clear-cut.

  11. Solon? Says:

    but he was not doing any of those. if you will read the article. he was not drinking it was just a party at his house

  12. lat Says:

    I can’t believe the administration at Linn-Mar – totally agree that there is not even a question he should not play. This is according to their own regulations – but wait – those regulations are for EVERYONE else not a basketball player at l inn mar. Shaking my head at linnmar – shame on you!!!

  13. North Liberty blues Says:

    Oh but he was. As an 18 year old, he is obviously not a minor. He was cited for keeping a disorderly house (he was not his parents, not anyone else). By Iowa Law, keeping a disorderly house is a citation for harboring immoral acts, such as underage drinking, fighting, prostitution and gambling. I’m not saying obviously all those things were going on, but that is what the Iowa Code says he was charged with.

    As an adult tenant of the home, he IS in fact in possession of alcohol and supplying it to minors. Two other LM students were charged with underage possession of alcohol at his house as well.

    He violated the Linn Mar district’s alcohol policy. The reason they are taking so long in making a decision is because half of the starters as well as other team members were there, and they too face the same suspension, which would in fact be 30 days of activities.

  14. Cedar Rapids Says:

    that means he had clear control over it, he oviously knew who the people were since there was only 11 people, he was home alone so he oviously had the chocie to let them in and stay even though they knew he was drinking plus this isnt his first run in with drinking, its like the 3rd or 4th time he has gotten busted, this time it just happened to be the cops who got him not his bad and the principal. Any player at CRJ, CRK, or CRW would have gotten atleast a 3 week suspension, I went to one of those schools and all the coaches told us and showed us the rule that said if we were at a party and werent even consuming alcohol we could still be suspended. He knew the rules, he decided to brake him, so now its time to pay up nate.

  15. HawkiJedi Says:

    Am I missing something? Where were the parents?

    Call out to Linn-Mar. Do the right thing.

  16. North Liberty blues Says:

    KCRG-TV is reporting that he will not play another game at Linn Mar.

  17. JP Says:

    I attended Linn-Mar many years ago and, I would like to believe that the coaches and school administrators will do the right thing by ultimately suspending him and any other players involved. My gut says he has already been informed that he is not playing the first or second games of the tournament. They are remaining tight lipped for a reason. Could he potentially return if they make it to the finals? By not announcing an indefinite length of a suspension they leave the door open to a return in the later rounds of the tournament. Additionally, could some psychological ploy be in place here to throw off there 1st round opponent? My gut says there will be no announcement on a suspension, he warms up with the team, then sits for at least the first round game. The further they advance, the more likely he could return provided they do not announce an indefinite suspension length.

  18. Linn-Mar rules Hutcheson ineligible | Says:

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  19. Cedar Rapids Says:

    His parents were in Kansas for his sisters softball tournament and North Liberty Blues I agree completely agree with you and Solon? that was the point I was trying to make but didnt have any other way to make it.

  20. North Liberty blues Says:

    They did announce an indefinite suspension. he will not wear the Lions jersey again. He is done.

  21. John Says:

    Good for Linn Mar in doing the right thing. Now let’s all hope Hutcheson learns from this and it is a lesson that helps him and that he doesn’t act out inappropriately. Now comes the test of his true character.

  22. Linn Mar Parent Says:

    Please be responsible on these blogs and don’t say that 1/2 the team was there unless you know that is fact. Having a high school child who is friends with a lot of the basketball players, I know most players, if not all players, other than Nate were not present at the party. The team feels very let down by Nate’s actions, so please do not try to lump the whole team together by his actions. That said, I was disappointed that the Linn Mar administration to so long to make a decision. It would have been completely wrong to allow him to play (or any other guilty party). That said, don’t speculate about others unless it is a know fact. Not fair to others on the team.

  23. jtlinder Says:

    The word from one of our reporters is that the Linn-Mar players were asked to vote Sunday night on whether or not Hutcheson should be allowed to play, and it was unanimous that he should not. Can anyone confirm this or deny this?

  24. Deb Says:

    I certainly hope that it’s NOT true that the players were allowed or encouraged for that matter, to take such a vote.
    Such an action would be completely inappropriate.
    It seems all to common these days to allow groups of children to take such votes, and I for one do not condone or remotely understand it.
    Administrative and board policies cannot be overruled by a vote of the students. Even if they could, in such a situation as this one they certainly SHOULD NOT.

    Boundaries are lacking in the school cultures these days in what is and is not up to the students. That needs to change.

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