Boys bkb rankings: Comments

My 2009-10 preseason boys’ basketball rankings made it to the message boards at Not surprisingly, they provoked comments.

Here are a few:

“What do ranking mean , the gazette has the nerves to put LinnMar fifth in pre-season next year wow! Ames and LinnMar are 1 and 2.”

“I really question (Forest City) @ #2 (in 3A).. they’ll prob end up rated really high going into the post season but make state @ tops because of the lack of competition they play in the regular season.”

“I really question Marion as the only Wamac team in 3A. That seems to be a stretch unless Linder is just making a judgement on this past season.”

“Also who does PCM have returning that would garner them a #1 ranking? I’d still have Western Christian right up there, but this guy’s got them at #9.”

“Pekin 2nd in 2a? That is an absolute joke.”

“I would like to see him defend these picks… 2A seems to be way off base.”

“I would agree, those are terrible. Pekin is an avg team they basically play all 1a schools in a avg Conference. “


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