About Jeff


I’m finally joining the 21st Century. Going techno.


I’ve been at The Gazette as a sportswriter since December 1995, and became the prep sports coordinator in 2000. I used to say I enjoyed covering prep sports because of their “innocence.” Boy, was I naive. Now, I say I enjoy it because of the emotion. There’s nothing like a football Friday night or a regional-final/substate basketball game. The coaches and kids I work with are great (most of the time). The parents? Some of the time.

When I’m not writing (or now, blogging), I’m usually enjoying my family, tolerating my dog, maybe running (more accurately, jogging) or biking. I’m not curing cancer or splitting the atom. I’m a writer.


8 Responses to “About Jeff”

  1. Bill Galvin Says:

    Jeff…..nice job with Prep Sports…this is only going to get better! I love it

  2. chad mussig Says:

    Jeff, boo ha ha to the not splitting the atom. Way to go covering the prep sports scene in eastern IA! You rock man!!

    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!

  3. steve thiltgen Says:

    Jeff, you are the best high school sportswriter in the state – bar none! keep up the good work, you are in a class by yourself.

  4. Jane Lynch Says:

    Hey my friend Jeff. Following the Boys State Tournament and of course saw your name. When are you going to pick up Spike? Will I see you at relays? Don’t forget my BIG BIRTHDAY Love Ya Jane

  5. Chris Frerichs Says:

    Hey Jeff,

    When is the Gazette going to start giving high school soccer the coverage it deserves? Kennedy has the best girls team in the state, players that are signing to division 1 programs and a continous stream of talented players coming into the program from the local clubs. Between the clubs, AYSO and the YMCA, there are thousands of kids participating in the local area participating in soccer. We are lucky to even get the scores posted in the fine print. Not everyone in this community thinks baseball and track are interesting. Give the soccer teams some respect! They deserve it.

  6. Chris Frerichs Says:


    Thursday, 4/23. Girls soccer game between Kennedy and Xavier. Xavier is ranked #1 in 1A, Kennedy #2 in 2A. Going to be a great game. Really should be covered in the Gazette with more than a score or a picture.

  7. ann jensen Says:

    jeff, are you related to dave linder, the great swim coach from west des moines?

    • jtlinder Says:

      Not that I know of. I know who he was, but have never met him … didn’t he have a daughter that swam really fast … maybe mid-80s? Jennifer maybe? Des Moines Hoover maybe?
      Anyway, no, I don’t think we’re related.

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